Moon Charm Necklace

Army of Rokosz

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Delicate moon phase charms on a sterling silver on a 16" sterling silver chain. Each moon phase is individually hand cut and textured leaving each necklace completely unique to the wearer. And this style was created just for us!

Army Of Rokosz is a Vancouver based jewelry line designed and created by Andrea Rokosz. Her approach to jewelry making is to create small wearable sculptures, employing ancient techniques to produce powerful pieces that archive the present and have symbolic meaning woven through them.Her collections are shaped by her appreciation for the unconventional and ornate, creating an aesthetic that reflects her love for adventure, folklore and pop-culture as well as a respect for nature, history, science and religion, a blend that results in pieces that are playful, mysterious and beautifully dark. She continually grows her designs and stretches her artistic boundaries through the exploration of new techniques and experimentation with new materials that incite her artistic spirit.