Clearing Kit

Sherise Lee

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A resource for cleansing and clearing, this set can be used for starting a new project, refreshing a space, releasing stagnate energy, letting go of old habits, cleaning crystals, and gifting for a new home or friend. Please note that since each piece is created by nature, no two will be alike. This kit contains

• Polished Kyanite - a balancing and clearing stone. Harmonizes and clears all chakras simultaneously. Brings balance to one’s environment and can clear other crystals. Releases Negativity. Unusual to find polished, this small wand was chosen also as a tension reliever when rubbed on your temples.

• Palo Santo - Regarded as the Tree of Life in many cultures, for its potent ability to cleanse the soul. Ethically gathered in Peru via InCausa.

• Raw Selenite Wand- Holds and clears space for purification. Balances the spine & temporal lobes. Good for one’s sleep and dreaming. Holds no negativity. Can clear other crystals.