The Radder shares stories and works by select

artists, apothecarians, designers, mystics

making one-of-a-kind and limited edition goods.

All things Radder are run by Sherise Lee –

mother, designer and experimenter of

the tactile and the incorporeal.


A selection of jewelry is also available at 

Mixed Business

1820 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles CA 90027


Home Page Photography by Casey Stevens

Journal Contributors

Ashley Abbott lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She is a crystal shepherdess, writer, healer, and mother.  Ashley provides intuitive crystal consults for the individual and is committed to serving her community by sharing her appreciation of the mineral kingdom. Her work explores the meaning of self responsibility in a gentle and compassionate space.

Emily J. Hara is a raw, vegan, gluten-free, medicinal Chef and Photographer based out of both Southern California and New York City.

Jon Pruett is an editor/writer/curator/father/husband based out of San Francisco. He’s been working in an editorial capacity at iTunes and Rhapsody since 1999 where he also led pioneering efforts in the world of cat gifs. He currently has the title “International Curator” and works for Music Unlimited.

Sarah Faith lives and works in Los Angeles. Sarah is a designer, artist, and tarot reader living in Los Angeles, CA. She gives workshops on various modes of the occult and gives guided meditations. Her work explores intersectional feminist proganda, channels of distribution, and the spiritual.